Portfolio assignment

Which work students select depends on the criteria used to choose each piece see below. In the final section of this chapter Can I do portfolios without all the fuss? Must include course project here or in one of the categories below Research and information gathering: That is, you should be true to your purpose sbut you should feel no constraints on how you meet them with a portfolio assignment.

As Paulson, Paulson and Meyer stated, "The portfolio is something that is done by the student, not to the student. How will you evaluate the organization of the portfolio and its visual design? Once again, this depends on the purposes and audiences for the portfolio, as well as the type of contents to be included.

Where will the work samples and reflections be kept? Evaluation may be sufficient for a portfolio assignment. If the student and teacher are the primary readers, less context is needed.

Ahh, but What to Grade Nothing. If the work is to be externally reviewed, it suggests that it is not simply "busy work" that provides a grade but that it is something authentic valued outside the walls of the classroom.

Audiences beyond the classroom, school and family An external audience for student work can serve to motivate students to give more attention to and take more seriously their performance. The teacher might just keep a schedule of when selections, Portfolio assignment or conferences are to take place.

Additionally, as it becomes easier to digitize almost any media it is possible to add audio and video examples of student work to the electronic portfolio. They have less work to consider, but they can still engage in the selection and reflection process.

If the portfolio is also to be evaluated, further adjustment will need to be made. As mentioned above, older students sometimes are required to keep track of their work outside the classroom, bringing it to class on certain days for reflection and other tasks. Take, for example, Evaluation vs.

How did you get "unstuck"? At the time, Massachusetts was still a British colony and the courts were not held under our current Constitutional guidelines. Additionally, how samples are selected might also differ depending on the purpose.Paper Portfolio: As you know, the most common form of portfolios is a collection of paper products such as essays, problem sets, journal entries, posters, etc.

Most products produced in classrooms are still in paper form, so it makes sense to find ways to collect, select from and reflect upon these items.

Designing a Portfolio Assignment. In deciding how to use an online portfolio, consider the following topics and questions. Defining the Purpose and Audience. What is the purpose of the portfolio in relation to your learning objectives?

Designing a Portfolio Assignment

What role does the portfolio play in the course as a whole? Student Portfolio Assignment.

Designing a Portfolio Assignment

Professional Learning Portfolio: Why and How. Definition. “Professional portfolios” may bring to mind compilations of work by artists. They now enjoy much more widespread popularity, however, and are commonly used in teacher education programs, an increasing number of undergraduate programs, and elsewhere.

ETF Portfolio Recommendation Assignment Essay  Exchange-Traded Funds: An Introduction The iShares definition of ETF is as follows: “An exchange traded fund (ETF) is an investment vehicle that combines key features of traditional mutual funds and individual stocks.

Sample Portfolio Assignment And, if there was ever an assignment designed to help you to think, to analyze, this is it. 3. instruction, and your writing should reflect that improvement.

Your portfolio. THE BUCKNELL PORTFOLIO ASSIGNMENT1 During your student teaching semester, you will be asked to demonstrate a variety of competencies that, taken together, ensure that you are on your way to becoming an excellent.

Portfolio assignment
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