What is your greatest weakness

These weaknesses can be very personal -- like a hobby or a favorite type of book, music, movie, or video -- or less personal like a love of travel or a specific model of car. Unfortunately, they resented the fact that I was just a summer intern, and they refused to cooperate. By my junior year at SyracuseI decided I wanted to work for a major software manufacturer.

To help out, we created an entire video lesson around it in our flagship product Big Interview. The items you do not circle are possible weaknesses. Disasters you helped to avoid?

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It definitely taught me how to delegate and my manager noticed the difference in my management style at the end of the summer. In helping my colleagues learn the new software, I realized that I must continue to pay attention to what is happening with technology in this field and keep my skills up-to-date, even if my employer isn't staying current.

Choose one from each category or focus on one type. I had a hard time convincing him to ride it out rather than cut his losses. For example, "I sometimes have difficulty choosing between two equally good ideas.

So, over a 6-month period, I took hours of training in the relevant Microsoft Office products -- Excel, Word, and Outlook -- practicing on my own time. Last month, I even volunteered to represent our team at a division-wide town hall.

To help out, we created an entire video lesson around it in our flagship product Big Interview. A personal example can also be appropriate if it reinforces your pattern of accomplishments. I am very self motivated, determined and honest. These will give you an idea of the kinds of weaknesses you can confess to and the way you have overcome it.

Be brief and, most importantly, avoid sounding defensive or overly negative. I used to be helpful to the point that other staff abused my goodwill.

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A tough interviewer may ask for more than one weakness, especially if the first one provided sounds false or over-rehearsed. It was my hobby, my passion, and my way of learning. My part-time college job with a newspaper taught me a lot about desktop publishing, how to position something on a page effectively, and how to write short sentences with maximum impact.

Your answer should be consistent with the job description. In what areas are you the weakest? Help the interviewer understand how your qualifications match their requirements.

Describe two or three skills you have that are most relevant to the job.

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This is your opportunity to discuss a skill you worked to develop, or a time when the quantity of your work required solid time-management skills. The easiest way to do this is to use an example from your background and experience.

Would love to hear how our readers have nailed this question in the past. Why the interviewer is asking this question: As it ended up, that was the answer he wanted.

How to answer the “what is your greatest weakness?” interview question

Did you enjoy this post? It ran on the old technology we used, so my software skills became out of date.The interview is going well. Then the dreaded question comes up: what's your greatest weakness? We know that answering this question can be a challenge.

Get it right and you've considerably boosted your chances of landing the job. Here’s a catch, sometimes our greatest strength can also be a weakness and a weakness often leads lead to strength. Self awareness is a major Emotional Intelligence skill and one that can be improved.

Today’s feedback on your weakness is tomorrow’s feedback on an important team project that’s not coming together. So, to help you out, I’ve rounded up the most common, cliché, and fake-sounding “biggest weaknesses,” along with some suggestions for what to say instead.

When you’re asked "What's your greatest strength?" in an interview, you’ve got it covered: You showcase your professional skills and talk about how there's no one better suited for the cheri197.com, "what's your biggest weakness?" That question can be much tougher to answer.

But it’s not a trick question. "What's your greatest strength?" is an often-used job interview question and is frequently paired with the greatest-weakness question. This question is also an invitation to explain why you are the best-qualified candidate for this job.

If you are typically a modest person or not accustomed to. We all dread the 'what is your greatest weakness?' interview question, but here is a quick two-step method to ace it every time.

What is your greatest weakness
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